ABOUT 8bitgamerdad

Learn more about 8bitgamerdad and his mission statement and vision for the flight simulator community.

mission statement

Our mission is to tell the stories of everyday people while sharing our passion for aviation in a friendly and accepting community.

Our community is geared towards creating engaging, educational and immersive experiences for all users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, whether they’re new to the sim or have 20 years of experience under their belt.

To that end, our community is supportive of its members. We are against harassment of any kind, including racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and misogyny.

These behaviours are not permitted in our community.

our vision

Our vision is a healthy, welcoming community focused on spreading the passion we have for aviation.

We have four core beliefs:

  1. We believe our community can be used as a catalyst for good.

2. To share the experiences of others and create a better understanding of the world and those who inhabit it.

3. To give more than it receives, not from a financial sense, but from a goodwill sense.

4. Finally, to grow together, share and learn from each other.

We build our community upon these beliefs.

your host

Justin (aka “8bitgamerdad”) works in the finance industry by day. By night, he can be found washing the dishes, playing hockey or helping manage a busy household with his partner, Deanna.

Justin is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges facing First Nations, Métis and Indigenous communities in Canada as well as working to raise awareness about living with mental health.

Justin and Deanna live in Toronto with their two kids, Sam and Rebekkah, and their dog Dave, who gets plenty of treats and belly rubs.